Download the post-jam version for more fun!

You are the Zodiac Ranger, protector of space-people.
Slingshot yourself across the cosmos using gravity.  Rescue space-people from an unpleasant fate. 

Made for Weekly Game Jam #172
Theme "Catapult"

Cheat Codes

Left Shift +

[toggle] Invincible 
T[toggle] Freeze timer
F[toggle] Fast forward time
O[toggle] Disable Gravity
BRefill boost [resets after entering atmosphere]


Feedback is most appreciated.

1. Which parts did you find the most enjoyable / frustrating?

2. What can be changed / added / removed to make the game more fun? 

3. Anything else you want to say?


Post Jam Updates


- Increased maximum fuel.

- Ship's trail length now changes based on ship's velocity. Higher the velocity, longer the trail.

- Decreased time to display cutscene after rescuing the last NPC.


- Added camera zoom instruction to ingame UI.

- Added crosshair in zoom-out view, highlighting the player's position.

- Added an arrow pointing to the player's position when the camera is moved too far away in zoom-out view.

- Added an arrow pointing to centre of map when camera is moved away from the intended play area.

- Adjusted UI values to sync with new fuel amount.


-While in zoom-out view, player can use the mouse to move the camera..

-When zoomed out, camera centers to player's position instead of the center of the level.

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Physics, Space, Top-Down


Zodiac Ranger (Post Jam) x86_64.rar 18 MB
Zodiac Ranger (Jam version) 22 MB

Install instructions

1. Download

2. Extract

3. Run "Zodiac Ranger.exe" to launch the game


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-It’s quite hard but fun -Maybe add an instant boost that consumes 30 energy or so? Maybe a speedometer too -I feel the loss of control when your ship goes too fast in the other direction to be frustrating, on the other hand successfully using the force of the orbit to propel onto other stars is pretty satisfying -it’s pretty hard -didn’t encounter any glitches

That makes sense. I am adding a few things to the post-jam version while also making the overall gameplay more forgiving.

I had to scrub the instant-boost mechanic, and the trail effect which was responsive to the ship's speed since I could not polish them enough for the jam. I decided to leave them for post-jam.

Thanks a lot for your input.

Where's The Game??

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As the description says, development is in progress, and it will be uploaded by 28th the Thursday, for the Weekly Game Jam. 

(Some people submit empty project to the Jam, and then upload the game later. If any issue arises later on with submitting, it can be avoided by practicing this approach)

Edit: Thursday is on 29, not 28th. The game will be available by Thursday.

Oh ok, sorry about that.

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No worries! Thanks for checking anyway.

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